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The Circus that Ran Away with a Jesuit Priest: Memoir of a Delible Character


Unlikely coordinates, the rich ambience of church ritual and the heady aromas of tented circuses propelled Nick Weber on a childhood vector seeking its own maturity right along with his age and education. Even graduate pursuits in dramatic art and theology fed each other until, ordained as a priest in the California Province of the Society of Jesus--the Jesuits—he and his superiors happened on a reinvention of the medieval morality play for marketplace audiences. As an official ministry of the California Province of the Society of Jesus, the priest’s Royal Lichtenstein Circus crisscrossed the United States for twenty-two years.
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About Nick Weber

Early childhood trips to the circus and church ignited Nick Weber’s imagination, inspired his playtime, and steered his unique journey through sixty years. His childhood pursuit of circus skills and stage magic found him keen to perform in Jesuit Catholic prep school theater while his attraction to the spirituality of his teachers drew him to membership in the Society of Jesus. Nick pursued a traditional training course of thirteen years to ordination as a Jesuit priest in 1970.
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Shakespeare, with Hearing Aids, Some Old-Timers Revisit the Bard

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High noon. Thursday, September 10, 1987. Yale University’s central lawn above the undergrad library.
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